attack of the 50 foot kitty

Hiro, one of my recent feline additions to the family has been growing at a rate of knots, he's already nearly five kilos at just five months old and been nicknamed 'pony-cat' due to his size and habit of galloping round the house. He's pretty much out grown his kitten sized scratching posts now, so I was having a look online earlier for something a bit sturdier to withstand his heft when I came across this amazing Cats Attack Scratch Post, a cardboard city which even has a little dangling helicopter toy so your kitty can do his best Godzilla impression and have a go at destroying skyscrapers instead of your furniture!

Both my cats seem to love gnawing on cardboard, and I have a feeling they'd enjoy reducing this city to rubble so I might pop this in the shopping basket too whilst looking for a more traditional tower post. Just a bit frustrated at the lack of well designed and aesthetically pleasing cat furniture available which doesn't cost a bomb. Instead there seems to be nothing but poorly put together bits of chipboard covered in cheapo fun fur and odd shades of carpet with sisal scratch posts. Really think there's a gap in the market for stylish and affordable cat furniture... I should get to the drawing board!



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