deco lust

Hows about a little bit of interior décor porn to start off the new year?

Love the light, the floors, the monochromatic scheme and quirky features in these rooms although I'm slightly woeful about the fact that I barely scratched the surface of the endless list of jobs I have to improve my own little abode over the holidays. Never mind, I'll just pretend this is my flat instead.

Images B&B Italia via Marcus Design



    One day I will have a flat in Paris with herringbone floors (which p.s. I have discovered add at least €200 per month to the rent)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS. i want/need those polka dot pillows and chair/couch in white. so gorgeous. xo

  3. I lust after light, spacious rooms like that too! Ah, well, will have to continue to pretend...I never get my place moved on either. There's a mirror like that in the new LivingEtc; £1,500(!!!) for an antique mirror that they basically plastered in glorified letraset. It was a Bowie song lyric though...

  4. @claire I've always been tempted to look into how much it would cost to get similar flooring in my flat - suspect I would need to win the lottery first and in which case I may as well but a parisian apartment..

    @wishful nals Suspect having similar cushions are the closest I'll get to having a space like that!

    @trashsparkle good idea for a diy project maybe? You could use your fave lyrics.

  5. Herringbone floors are a dream of mine. Just perfect.

  6. definitely a lust...adore these clean lines and neutral tones.

  7. Such beauty! Love those chevon floors!



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