beautiful plumes

I'm on a bit of an enforced shopping diet at the moment so not really paying too much attention to what's in the sales other than some household stuff which desperately need replacing (discovered a spring  poking out of a mattress the other day :-/).  

But, but, look how pretty these plates from Anthropoligie are. Usually I prefer unfussy, plain white china when it comes to a dinner service, but  I have a collection of pretty mismatched small side plates used for snacks, cake and things. I'm a bit smitten with the handsome bird on the smaller side plate (right hand picture) and  sorely tempted to pick up a couple to add to my mismatched collection - they are on sale after all...


  1. I love pretty much anything from Anthro especially the home stuff! Great plates and I also love having a mismatched collection. Makes things more interesting right? Happy New year!



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