brilliant ebay find

I was admiring my friend L's homemade necklace the other day. She'd found a beautiful pair of vintage pocket watch keys in a charity shop and threaded them onto a long chain to make a pretty and unusual pendant. I thought I'd have a little look around Ebay to see if I might find any equally pretty keys for a similar project when I stumbled across, and promptly bought this beautiful (and working!) fob watch necklace by Fallen Angel.  They specialise in creating vintage inspired hand made jewellery and seem to have a bit of an obsession with Alice in Wonderland themed necklaces. I must admit I never really think to look for jewellery on Ebay, I tend to go to Etsy if I'm looking for something handmade or quirky, but judging by how many of Fallen Angel's pieces I've earmarked for possible Christmas gifts, clearly I might have been missing a trick.


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