zara lunchtime buys

I moved offices recently landing me about 2 minutes walk from a Zara store. I'm telling you it's not a good thing to be walking past it's welcoming doors several times a day - just too easy to pop in and purchase on a regular basis. 

Here are two of my recent buys -  This lovely caramel and black zebra scarf, think it may be a contender to finally replace my beloved and now somewhat bedraggled leopard scarf which I've been doggedly wearing year round for I think probably a couple of years now. This Zara baby is the perfect size and weight to wear at anytime of the year dressed up or down. And yes I am a sucker for animal print, to the point where I regard them as neutrals to throw over everything now.

Secondly this black satchel bag. Pure impulse buy. I definitely didn't need a new bag  having bought several already this season but I really like it's shape and it has some nice detailing including the braided straps, plus for a cheapie it's made of very convincing synthetic leather and is well thought out with several useful compartments inside. I've been a bit undecided on the whole satchel trend that has been going on for a while now, I don't really like the trad Cambridge satchels - too boxy and overly nostalgic for me. There are also a million and one really horrible Mulberry Alexa rip offs around  which I'm disliking intensely - I'd much rather have the real thing thanks. Should probably stop impulse buying stuff in the mean time if I'm to have any chance though shouldn't I?  


  1. nice! I am devastated that I don't have ANY shop close to work... :( (my bank account however is very happy about this)

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