Oo la la Musc Ravageur

Musc Ravageur, Editions de parfums Frederic Malle

India Knight (excellent writer, lover of lovely things and perfume junkie) recomended this on her Posterous blog so the last time I swung by Libertys (my favourite London department store), I ambled over to the Frederic Malle section to have a sniff myself. I haven't really found many scents that I love, and have been on a quest for years to find something which smells 'like me, but better' rather than plasticky flowers, or something 'nice' which evaporates, leaving nothing behind within an hour.

Florian, the very sweet and very French boy working at the Malle concession spritzed a little of it into me and then something extraordinary happened.

I breathed in, and.... it felt like coming home. I was enveloped by a deep warm blanket of fragrance, my pulse quickened just a little, it smelt delicious. I smelt delicious.

I wondered off for drinks with a friend after that as despite its allure I never commit to fragrance before trying it on for a few hours I spend the rest of the evening surreptitiously inhaling tiny sniffs of my wrist, feeling pleased as later as I got ready for bed I noticed the deep warm spice lingered slightly on my skin. I bought some the following day promising to keep it for special occasions due to its expense, but I can't seem to help myself. Right now, I'm addicted to this stuff.

Billed as a ''dark and dangerous perfume of the night'' Musc Ravageur is described as 'a depraved oriental fragrance for both sexes', which admittedly makes me snigger childishly. It is a bit filthy, but not in an obvious way, somehow to me it feels more comforting than dangerous.

Composition: Lavander, Bergamot Orange Clove, Cinnamon Gaiac Wood, Cedar, Sandal Wood, Vanilla, Coumarine Tonka Bean, Tonkatone


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