hot desking

After many years of balancing my laptop on my lap/coffee table/bed/sofa, I've finally resolved to find room in my poky little flat for a small office area. As a result I spent almost the whole yesterday wrestling with pieces of flat pack, and puzzling over why I might still have a handful of screws and unidentifiable plastic thingys left over seeing as the desk and drawers are built. This no doubt serves me right for buying unbelievably cheap furniture. But due to both financial and space constraints I had little other choice as I simply couldn't find anything which fitted the bill without costing a bomb.

Now I may have a cheap desk but am very cheered by the fact that I scored an absolute bargain on ebay and bought a gorgeous Kartell Louis Ghost chair at about 40% off its usual retail price.

I'm currently surrounded in chaos made by items which have been displaced by my new desk, and I still haven't worked out where the hell to put the printer, but I'm looking forward to creating a comfy inspirational space to work in once I'm done with the boring bits.

P.S I'm in love with the Eiffel Tower lamp pictured above, if anyone knows where I might find one in the UK please point me in the right direction, merci!

Image miss vu via decor8


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