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Phew I'm knackered! I've been running around to gigs, birthday meals and drinks non stop for the past three days which is very unusual for me, my stamina levels no longer stretch to going out for than a couple of times a week now days - you'll find me curled up under blankets hibernating the rest of the time.

No time or energy for posting pretty things today, so I'll settle for the new single by Hot Chip, who I had lots of fun bopping along to at the Brixton Academy on Friday. Followed by a video (my beloved!) Thom Yorke playing one of his new songs 'Give up the Ghost' which debuted at the gig in Cambridge earlier in the week. It was simply spell binding, I'm so glad I made the effort to travel up to see him, and despite the fact that my friend and I missed our last train home and then had an adventurous 3 hours journey home, it was absolutely worth it. 

Hot Chip - One Life Stand (MySpace Exclusive)

Hot Chip


  1. We just watched the video of Thom, so great. Isn't he the cutest too? I had the privilege of going to their after party during the Kid A tour in Los Angeles. It was a tiny venue and we'd gotten there early. So I went to the loo and guess who's walking right toward me down this really narrow hallway? Mr. Yorke himself. I panicked and then thought I HAVE to say something otherwise I'll kick myself. So what do I say? I stop him and say "this was the best show I've ever seen!" While I truly meant it I was so bummed because who doesn't say that to him, right? Ugh! Suddenly I felt like a poseur. But oh well, it was a great time!

  2. Wow that's amazing - how lucky! Think I probably would have done exactly the same thing if I happened upon him, or more like mumbled a bit in a fan girl manner before skulking away cursing myself for being utterly uncool!



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