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springcityoffice by ephemerette

Ahh spring, could you hurry up?

Having enjoyed the scantest bit of glorious sun in between mean grey skies and rain over the past few days, I've been thinking about how nice it'll be when it finally gets to a stage where I can go to work without being swaddled in a hundred layers. My current working wardrobe consists of various dresses worn over a fine long length cashmere jumpers, at least two pairs of tights, cardigans, boots, scarf's  gloves the list goes on and on. I've been having a little play with Polyvore to design a little set of how I intend to be dressing once that temperature dial stars rising.

Although I do work in an office environment, I'm lucky that the organisation I work for is relaxed when it comes to formal dress codes, I'd find it unbearable to get suited, booted and buttoned up every day like friends I have in other industries. I could easily turn up in jeans and converse without anyone batting an eyelid, and indeed some people do. But I prefer to maintain a look of chic basics with quirky accessories.

Dress by See by Chloe: Unfortunately my meagre budget won't stretch to Chloe, but I already have several dresses in this style which I can continue wearing, sans all the additional woolly layers.

Emporio Armarni ballet flats: I walk a lot and unfortunately tottering heels aren't much use, so I tend to live in ballet flats unless I'm going out or have important meetings. I have basket filled with an array of cute flats in various styles and colours, curiously none in black though so I'll be hunting down a black suede pair.

Mulberry Alexa Bag: Satchel styles bags are everywhere right now. Other than the iconic Bayswater I've not had a crush on a Mulberry bag for a while but the Alexa is pretty pleasing. I'll add it to the wishlist and carry on using the no brand tan and bronze messenger bag I bought last year.

Yves Saint Laurent leopard print scarf: Ooo I do like a scarf. And those that know me know I love a bit of leopard print too. I'd die for a bit of YSL action in my wardrobe but in the mean time I have an identical print scarf already from H&M, just a shame its not silk.

Product RED Ring by Solange Azagury Partridge - This ring is delicious, I want it. That is all.

Moleskine notebook - I already have a Moleskine diary and notebooks for personal and professional use. Practical and pleasing to use, I'm never without one.

Vintage Persol sunglasses - Can't remember the last time I needed them, but I currently have some black vintage Ray Ban Wayfarers and also some quite silly over sized, 'miami granny' type shades. these Persols have a lovely feline shape so I might try and track some down.

Pink Tranquility Macbook skin - Pretty isn't it? Unfortunately I don't have a Macbook.

Chanel le Vernis Jade - I'm terribly lazy when it comes to nails and also am impeccably skilled when it comes to ruining manicures, but I rather like the idea of fresh pastel green so I might give it a (ham fisted) go.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eye liner - I use this stuff nearly every day. It has the perfect depth of colour and consistency to get a sharp line on the lids and it really does last all day without smudges or flakes.

Finally Carmex. Its cheap as chips an works a treat. 


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