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I've had a tremendously busy and stressful few weeks dealing with endless deadlines, pointless family bickering, my not so healthly elderly father and and an equally unwell pussycat. So I'm declaring today as a holiday and I'm going to selfishly dedicate it all to myself by spending the day out with friends, shopping, eating and drinking yummy things and gossiping. Stress can wait, I'm not going to let it make me go gaga.


  1. Hope you had a nice day off! When I was little my mom used to let me skip out on one school day a year just for fun---"mental health" days we called them and they usually included ice cream and movies. Needless to say you deserve one, especially since it's a Saturday! Here's to indulging yourself... XO Katie

  2. That sounds like a good idea for grown ups too! I did indulge myself...a little too much- was totally worth it though!



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