take me to my happy place: les bains de marrakesh

When my muscles ache and I'm stressed out. When I'm sick of being cold all the time. When my skin, ravaged by winter feels more like alligator than silk. When I catch the scent of roses from someones perfume. I mentally go back to my happy place le bains de marrakech

Three friends and I spent half a blissful day here being steamed, scrubbed, rubbed and oiled in glorious moroccan style last year. We emerged dazed, blissed out and glowing with the best conditioned skin we'd ever had in our lives. 

Although way fancier than a normal hammam which locals might frequent regularly for a stream, rub down and gossip in Marrakesh, the 5 star treatment we recieved cost only the equivalent of what you'd pay for a distinctly average massage in London. If you lucky enough to get away to Marrakesh any time soon, have a little wonder round the Kasbah, head for the city gate and you might stumble into the rose petal strewn corridors of this place.


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