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Hurrah hooray! I'm off on holiday! I tend to get very upset if I don't have a flight confirmation in my name at any given time, and I'm the sort of person who needs to plan a new trip within a week or two of arriving home from the previous one. It's been an absolute age since I've been able to get out of the country due to having had a pretty crummy past 6 months. So I'm taking a very well earned little break to Lisbon for the next few days where I intend to wonder the streets and get thoroughly lost, seek out curious shops, gorge myself on seafood and custard tarts and bar hop till the early hours. Apparently Lisbon is a city perched on seven hills, so I suspect despite all the aforementioned good living I intend to do, with any luck I'll come back to London with with buns of steel too!


  1. Flight confirmations are crucial to my wellbeing as well. Ditto the crummy six months - even more reason. But oh dear - Lisbon will be great when you get there. Lucky I didn't actually book my ticket to the south of France next weekend. It feels somehow...exotic to be stranded by a volcano rather than a cabin crew strike though...

  2. I know...just want to re-schedule NOW rather than this endless limbo of waiting for the skies to clear. However on the bright side this past weekend in London was beautiful and it was chucking rain in Lisbon - so if and when I get there I'm hoping the sun gods will be smiling.



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