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Ahh to be she...in gay Pareee...Coming from someone who generally leaves the country at least every quarter, my complete holiday fail for the past 7 months has me aching to get outta town right now. I've had to jump through all sorts of administrative hoops to reschedule my original planned trip to Lisbon to the Autumn, which is an unbearably long way away, so as V (my travelling soul mate) and I can't possibly bare the prospect of being stuck in England for much longer we're tentatively discussing another quick trip to somewhere in Europe within the next few months. The main problem we're having is deciding where to go...  Paris? For a bit of louche cafe culture? Madrid? Guaranteed fabulous food and fun loving people. Berlin? Style, music and mayhem...  How to decide?


  1. That's easy. When in doubt, always pick Paris :)

  2. Oh the choices! I'm going to say Madrid so I can live vicariously through your travels. But honestly all of your choices would be great!



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