wind me up, watch me go

This week I have been mostly:  ferrying my dad to various medical appointments, wondering why the skin around my eyes is literally peeling off (and as a result not wearing any make up, looking terrible, then repeatedly bumping into someone I have a huge crush on), painting my nails coral, cursing the weather, eating industrial quantities of refined sugars and watching my butt expand exponentially, planning to go on a diet, booking a trip to Berlin, screaming because apparently my washing machine was hungry and somehow shredded a hole in my favourite jeans, buying new jeans, desperately trying to console a dear friend in distress, trying to get my head around the implications of having a new Government (its my job), not getting enough sleep, wondering how long I can go before having get my fringe trimmed, booking tickets to see bands, missing my cat, trying to find new artwork for my living room, planning new blog posts but not delivering....

As you can see from the bold type the 'modern life is rubbish' bits outweigh the positive bits. This must change.


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