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Sorry for the temporary disruption to service at ephemerette but I've been haring around trying to get it together to finally leave the country for a couple of days, I'm off to Berlin tomorrow for a short break so normal service shall resume next week. In the mean time some links..

* Read about some gorgeous sounding scent and be transported away with dreamy pictures from lola is beauty
* Watch a vintage interview with Audrey Hepburn over at the neo traditionalist
* Why not take a visit to the fashion zoo at little doodles?
* Or try some delicious Vietnamese recipes from fernandez & leluu

Also I wanted to give a little shout out to Erin from Dropped Stitches who very kindly passed on a Versatile Blogger Award to me - having written less than 100 posts I can't begin to explain how lovely it feels to be developing a little readership, leave alone be given an award, I'm incredibly flattered and will do a little post with 7 random things about myself when I get back from my break.


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