hung up? interesting wall displays

As part of the very slow overhaul of my home I've been thinking about more ways of adding interest to my walls other than the burgeoning number of prints and photographs I've been collecting. Here are a few ideas I'm thinking about using..

Love the way these vintage plates have been hung in a a little cloud formation. I think the addition of the branches on the table almost gives the impression of it being a tree sprouting fine china! If I could free up a clear wall in my teensy kitchen I'd love to do something similar.

 image alvhem

My entrance hallway gets very little light so I'm going to start collecting little mismatching mirrors to hang which will hopefully bounce a bit more brightness through the area, and also handily provide a place to give my self a quick once over before leaving the house!

Really like the silver platters displayed on the rough brick walls at the restaurant in boundary hotel in east London, the uneven reflective surfaces really add a jewelled quality to the area. I just wouldn't like to be the one who has to polish them regularly...


  1. The plates in the first image make my heart sing! So charming and vintage inspired. Too cute. Taking notes for our new apartment : )

    xx Katie



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