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Hello world. It feels like ages ago, but I mentioned a while back that the very kind Erin from Dropped Stitches awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award which I was very pleased to receive, and as is customary with these awards I promised a random facts post, so here it is...

1. I don't really like macaroons, but sometimes I go to Laduree in Burlington Arcade off of Piccadilly to have a praline millefeuille and a cup of earl grey for lunch with my friend A.

2. I've been to Australia twice but never visited Sydney. Seems a bit silly but I simply wasn't motivated to go there, I had precious little time and money and I was chiefly there to visit one of my best friends so instead I explored Melbourne and drove along the long winding Great Ocean Road on the south coast instead, stayed in amazing beach front houses in little surfing towns and explored the temperate rain forest. Twice.

3. I went to an all girls high school. which had 3 all boys schools within a mile radius of it. I shan't repeat the nickname my school earned.

4. I love having pedicures, but hate having manicures for some reason I find it excruciating. Favorite colours for toes are a metallic sort of minky colour, coral, or electric blue.

5. Despite the fact that I suffer constantly from wanderlust, I grew up and have always lived in Crystal Palace in south east London. I love this area, its beautiful and green, has history, great architecture and lots of independent shops. I simply can't see any reason to live in any other area of the city. Amazingly Lonely Planet named it number 5 greatest little known neighborhoods in the world which is mind blowing. If I were to move one day it would be to entirely different country. Top city contenders would be Barcelona or New York.

6. My dad's 79 this year, he has a list of ailments as long as my arm and I look after him. Being a carer is a tough job, especially for a man as headstrong as my old dad, and juggling a full time job too. But I'm thankful that we keep our heads above water most of the time and there isn't anything really seriously wrong with him other than the collected ills of old age. Nevertheless sometimes life gets very stressful.

7. Seven seven, seven. I've been racking my brain to think of another random thing to share but I'm suffering from a serious brain fail - so I'm going to put it out there - if anyone wants to ask me a random question in the comments I'll come back and answer it!

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  1. Thank you for the award!

    Re: 3 - I bet my school had the same nickname - something on the hill? And strangely I was thinking about Crystal Palace today as my next post involves Dulwich Wood Avenue!

  2. @Claire that is creepy, yes unrepeatable school nickname spot on! Surely not the same school?

  3. ehii!
    ....what a lovely blog!!


  4. ehii!
    ....what a lovely blog!!


  5. Sydney's just like London but 20 degrees warmer and with frangipani trees everywhere. Same shops, same 'tood. Melbourne's charms get overwhelmed by the Sydney juggernaut. And the Great Ocean Road is a stunning part of the world - glad you saw it.



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