think pink: a candy coloured home

Until very recently I had a pink bedroom. I'm 31 years old. Ok, so it wasn't a sickly kids pink, more of a rich deep fuchsia (Dulux Russian Velvet to be exact) which looked vibrant and spicy in the summer light, but also warm and enveloping during the winter. Only one of my walls was pink, offset with white on all the others and a bright fuchsia Moroccan pouffe in terms of pink accessories. Thinking about it don't think I even own a single piece of pink clothing apart from lingerie, so I'm not exactly in Barbara Cartland territory when it comes to being a fan of the girliest of colours. But nevertheless, I really do like pink. As I'm in the midst of doing a complete refresh of my entire home I decided (with a heavy heart) to finally let go of the colour I'd been living with rather happily for a very long time, and I now have fresh neutral walls which I'm slowly cluttering up with art work and other decorations, but you know I still kinda miss my pink wall so stumbling across this amazing apartment which belongs to 34 year old Danish graphic designer Laura Terp Hansen has cheered me up no end. Her use of a hundred rosy hues, set against a clean monochrome palate works just beautifully.

All images: BOLIGmagasinet


  1. As a child I was a tomboy who hated the sight of pink, associating it with girly weakness and childishness. Then I grudgingly allowed fuschia into my wardrobe spectrum, reasoning that it wasn't really pink, but a much stronger colour. Then I hit my 20s, realised it really suited me and wore it a lot, to the point where my friends told me they associated certain shades of pink with me (blue-tinged fuschia, coral). Now, I'm over it again. But these photos are strangely appealing...



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