bathroom edition 2: dream details

When I posted earlier this week about light bright and glamorous bathrooms I had only the shell of a room for myself, a working toilet, raw walls, pipes sticking out at odd angles and an awful lot of tools lying around. Today as I type my builders are up against the umpteenth and final deadline set for completion and I simply cannot wait to have my home back from the endless dust, noise and headaches the whole process has caused. So fingers crossed I'll be able to share pictures of the finished product pretty soon, but in the mean time here are some more inspiring images which I collected during the course of my research for the renovation. This time around  it's about those extra details which take a room from so so to wow.

1. I can only dream of having the kind of budget which would allow such a wild use of mosaic tile, I'm a big fan on monochrome schemes at home anyway but the scattered black and white tile offset with citrus towels held within a lovely shaped archway is amazing.

2. This room kind of says Hollywood to me, I don't have room for a tub, leave along a stand alone with ample space for dramatic drapes and cosy Ottomans. If I converted one of my bedrooms (and somehow created a huge curved window) I might just be able to recreate this!

3. How's this for a bit of girly glamour? I tried very hard to magically find the budget for pearlescent mosaic tiles in my bathroom but try as I might, I just couldn't realistically stretch my bank balance to do it. I like the way the striped detailing of the tiles adds gorgeous texture and bounces light without looking too quirky and the Kartell Frilly chair adds a great pop of colour.

4. Not sure about the practicalities of using wallpaper in a moist and humid environment but this winter tree print stretching right up to cover the ceiling looks amazing. I especially love the way the pattern is reflected in the boxy mirrors.

Images: 1. Design Inspiration Gallery flickr 2. Living Etc 3. Living Etc 4. Odi et Amo


  1. i'll take any of these bathrooms!

  2. oh these are gorgeous!!! I agree with Cara above



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