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I'm blaming Claire from Lola is beauty for alerting me to the existence of Sofia Coppola's second collection of SC bags for Louis Vuitton. Heaven, unaffordable, buttery, suedey, swingy heaven. She's got the perfect balance of luxe materials minus any clanging *designer* logo down. Lovely tidy size but capricious enough for the essentials - just the perfect take anywhere bag. As much as I appreciate LV's classic status I've never been very keen on their traditional monogrammed handbags as there are too many knock offs walking the streets, these clean, simple bags are the perfect antidote.

Images via style rumour


  1. Lovely bags. Why couldn't I have been born into incredible wealth?

    xo Erin

  2. i just love these pictures ... so inspiring.

    ♥ the showmanship

  3. oh my of each please????



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