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Hii I'm having a pity party...all welcome, bring your own tissues and Nurofen.

I'm in the middle of yet another cold/flu thing which has annoyingly wiped me out completely this weekend, I seem to be coming down with some type of lurgy or other on a monthly basis recently and it's really winding me up. It seems the more I do to try and stay healthy, the more bugs I pick up along the way. Since the last almighty bout of bronchitis I had not more than a month ago, I've scaled way back on drinking alcohol, have been stuffing myself full of vitamins every morning and extra green veg with meals (I even put broccoli on a homemade pizza the other day), have been getting plenty of sleep and even actually exercising fairly regularly. What do I get in return? A chapped nose, a head full of cotton wool, a deathly pallor and a wheeze like Mutley.

The only real benefit to having been horizontal for most of the weekend is that I've been able to watch lots of films. Charade this afternoon - Audrey's 60's Givenchy designed wardrobe alone lifts my spirits. I finally got round to watching 500 days of summer, feel like I might have missed something there as I wasn't that impressed with it, plus horrified at the awful unflattering trousers lovely Zooey Deshanel seems to be wearing for a lot of the film. I was expecting more vintage prom dresses and maybe vaguely likable characters- came up short on both. I also caught a pretty dire film called Angel which is based on an Elizabeth Taylor book. A rags to riches and back again tale about a spoilt little grocers daughter. Possibly my heads a bit fuzzy, I understood it was meant to be a pastiche, but I  thought it was just rubbish. Interesting opposing reviews about it linked here.

Finally my movie equivalent of chicken soup for a sick day - Amelie, I've yet to meet anyone who's seen it and not been enchanted. Followed by Oscar winning Japanese anime Spirited Away. I think I've probably seen most of the Studio Ghibli films now and this firmly remains my fave - here's a pic of my favorite characters -the little sooty sprites who live in the furnace room, and the main character Chihiro's sweet chubby little ratty friend. I've lost track of how may times I've seen both these films but they are sniffly duvet bound heaven for me.

Now if only I could work out how to get the cats to just lay still on top of me like furry feline hot water bottles rather using me as a bouncy castle, 4 kilo of cat landing with a thunk on your chest when your already struggling to breathe isn't much fun.


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