no words

Phew, I'm so busy I just can't seem to get the words out at the moment so instead I thought I'd post up some recent iPhone pictures. 

1. Beautiful enormous Cathedral door in Lisbon, Portugal. 3. Nutty, golden sugar encrusted Praline Millefeuille a Laduree. 4.Missy taking a nap on my gloriously tacky leopard bedding from H&M Home. 5. Have no idea where I snapped this sunset but lovely no?  6. Snob restaurant in Lisbon, if you're ever in the vicinity go - a glamorous old school place which has been run for the past 40 years by the same charming pair of brothers who really put the gent into gentlemen. 


  1. LOVE these images you took - they are beautiful. Keep posting your own photos because you are a great photographer!



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