Eating London: an xmas ritual at bob bob ricard

I have a little Christmas tradition with one of my best friends. Instead of trading gifts each year we set aside a day to spend together hanging out, eating, drinking, window shopping (OK maybe a bit of actual shopping too) and generally gadding about being a bit silly. Life has been busy and stressful for both of us recently and we haven't been able to see much of each other at all, so it was extremely restorative to spend a decent amount of time together recently. Emails and phone conversations just aren't the same as some proper face time with your best mate right?

Of course adding tea, cakes and cocktails to the equation always help things along nicely too. If you live in London or are planning to visit I'd recommend stopping by Bob Bob Ricard if only for a drink to marvel at it's rather fabulous 30s inspired interior. You can't help but feel glamorous tucked into one of the dining room booths, trying hard to stop yourself from repeatedly jabbing at the button labelled 'press for champagne' (We failed - it was fun). It is a bit spendy, but in my opinion worth the odd visit as a treat. As well as the aforementioned bubbles on demand they serve delicious apple Martinis which taste like spiced apple pie and are divine.


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